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On-Road practice got started at 5:00 AM today, qualifing at 7:00 AM. Around 250 racers filled the 30 qualifiers, on-road gets 2 rounds of qualifing today, oval should get started @ 5:00 PM

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Rob from SUPERIOR HOBBIES set up a complete hobby shop.
So far 112,178 laps have been made, first day qualifing for on-road is done.
TQ's after two rounds :
1/12 GTP 10.5 - Mike Blackstock
1/12 GTP 17.5 - Donny Lia
1/12 GTP Mod - Mike Blackstock
TC Rubber 10.5 - Paul Lemiuex
TC Rubber 17.5 - Jeff Cuffs
TC Foam 13.5 - Jason Scheffler
TC Foam 17.5 - Jeff Cuffs
TC Pro Mod - Paul Lemiuex
VTA - Mike Heynes
World GT - Mike Blackstock